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Is Google Going to Have a Bad Quarter?

If there ever was a signal that the tech markets are approaching a bottom then today’s prediction from JP Morgan Chase’s Imran Kahn is one of them.  As TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld reported today:

“As investors wait for Google to announce first quarter earnings later this week, the question is how bad will it be? J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan put out a note this morning predicting that revenues will actually decline 2 percent from last year and will be down 13 percent from last quarter. (His prior estimate was for 5 percent growth). Khan also revised his pro forma EPS estimates down 5.5 percent from $5.04 to $4.76. . . . Finally, Khan believes that about 20 percent of Google advertisers will cut back their spending as a result of tighter credit markets and the general economic downturn.”

There’s an old saying that things have to get much worse before they get better.  Perhaps Google’s results will show how even the most stalwart ‘New Tech’ company can stumble in today’s difficult environment.  How much longer will it be before the tides turn?  If this is a bottom point for the tech market then perhaps the optimistic predictions of a recovery starting in the fall of 2009 will come true.



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